Tom Curtin 10 April

How to make your own crisis

April 10th, 2023

But who would want to make a crisis? Isn’t life difficult enough without going to the effort of getting yourself in trouble?

Let’s look at lobbying – every company in the world does it and everyone knows that the key is to get close to the centre of power so that you can have an effect on legislation, regulation and other government matters.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this – you are allowed to present your case. That’s your right.

But the rules are fairly strict and rightly so. For example you cannot bribe an elected representative to act for you. Sure, in most countries you can pay them but this is strictly regulated and politicians must declare payments openly which, sort of, defeats the purpose.

In no way does this deter them, as cases in Brussels, the USA and the UK prove. The problem is that politicians often break the 11th commandment – thou shalt not be caught.

Three weeks ago two former UK Secretaries of State – one who was the Chancellor of the Exchequer (in effect Deputy Prime Minister) and the other in charge of Health were approached by a bogus company pretending to be a lobbying firm.

Both fell for the bait and talked at length with the imposters – one even suggesting a fee of £10,000 a day.

This is a great ‘game’ for journalists, and numerous people have been stung. The Chairman of Newcastle United revealed that he believed that local women were ‘dogs.’

In other stings, members of the Royal family as well as famous sportsmen and women have been caught out.

That’s bad enough but last week another Member of Parliament was caught offering his services to the gambling industry. Legislation is being presented which could affect the industry’s profits.

And there is no need for secret cameras, all of this can be recorded on Zoom or Teams.

So why don’t we take the advice we give to our children: ‘don’t talk to stangers especially those who are offering you sweeties’.

As the former CEO of Intel put it: Only the Paranoid survive.

Be careful out there.

Have good week.


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