Our scenarios are run in real time over 2, 3 or 4 hours.

In Advance

Participants are given the company information.

On The Day

The participants are given a one-sheet outline of the crisis and ‘rules of engagement’.

The Inputs

TV Journalists

TV journalists and a cameraman constantly demand Interviews.


Phones are ringing incessantly with calls from various employees, politicians, the public, regulators, etc

Twitter Feeds

Twitter feeds are hitting them every 30 seconds

The Chief Scientist

The Chief Scientist is available only by phone and email but remote and refuses to make a decision


The CEO is on honeymoon in Hawaii and constantly interferes by phone and email


Activists break in and cause chaos

Four News Bulletins

Four News Bulletins interrupt the session

The Feedback



Theory. What makes a crisis; what is best practice; the importance of speed and accuracy; etc

Video Replay

Video replay. The participants see themselves in action with pauses for commentary and basic media skills

case histories

Case Histories

Case histories. How major companies have got it wrong.