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Crisis: we need to talk about sex

May 15th, 2023

After natural disasters, sex is well up there on the list of causes of a crisis.

In the US, Donald Trump is having a bumpy ride in his run to be president again after a court ruled that he assaulted a female journalist in a lingerie department of a New York Department store. Hello Netflix.

In the UK, the boring – most of the time anyway – Confederation of British Industry is in free fall with the director general, who was fired, and other figures being accused of inappropriate behaviour. The whole future of the organisation is now in doubt.

The CEO of McDonald’s had to quit after getting into a consensual relationship with an employee, which was against company rules.

The downfall of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson can be directly linked to the accusation that a Member of Parliament groped two young men at a public event. It was claimed that Johnson did not act quickly enough to fire him.

So, to avoid this type of crisis,  I have developed a series of guidelines which are all aimed at men – who are the worst offenders.

  1. At any gathering of employees, do not drink alcohol or take any other substances.
  2. At these events, stick to the rules we had during the pandemic and keep at least one metre between yourself and everyone else.
  3. Do not make any derogatory or complimentary comments about any other people. Definitely do not wite them down as the former CEO of Uber did.
  4. Avoid locker room banter and all lewd jokes.

These are just for starters and the key rule is that you are in a great job and you don’t want a ‘moment of madness’ to mess it up.

Donald Trump will survive, buy you are not he and probably don’t want to be.

Have a good week.


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