The FA’s Own Goal

Social media has opened up many opportunities for people across the globe, including new employment avenues. From programmers to clever marketing types, there’s no shortage of new jobs in this brave new digital world. However, there’s one particular voluntary role which we overlook at our peril: the ‘Professionally Offended’. Online, […]

Heinz’ Saucy Crisis 1

With new technologies come new challenges for crisis management. Companies are often quick to embrace new technologies often before fully realising all of the associated pitfalls, and nowhere is this epitomised more than through the rush to embrace social media. Last month the American food giant Heinz was left red […]

Once You Pop The PR Disasters Don’t Stop

It is often said that in polite company, one should never talk about politics or religion (especially in Irish pubs), and nowhere does this rule apply more than in crisis management. This is the lesson that a London branch of Tesco learnt last week when it tried to market the […]

Going Nuts About Nutella

There is nothing more important than a third party or independent endorsement. When you book a holiday you are far more likely to believe reviews written by other tourists than by the hotel owners. That is because we only believe what people say when they’re not paid to do so. […]

That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

There’s an old adage in communications: “Entertain them and you can tell them anything, bore them and you can tell them nothing”. Anyone who has sat through a three hour long PowerPoint presentation can attest to that! However, there are some occasions where it’s much better to risk being boring than […]

Twitter Kills The Queen

Any organisation that cares deeply about its corporate reputation will regularly hold crisis simulation exercises. In order to gain the most from undertaking these exercises it is vital that they are as realistic as possible; otherwise the impact will be lost.However, it is vital that any exercise that is carried […]

FIFA’s ‘Blattered’ Reputation

There are from experience two types of reputational crises. The first is ‘the blowout’; a spectacular event, which catches an organisation off guard, and causes immediate reputational damage. The second, and in many ways more dangerous is ‘the rot’; a reputation which suffers long term damage, until it passes the […]

How To Miss a Slam Dunk 

As a man of modest stature, it may not come as a surprise to many that I have never been naturally blessed at the sport of basketball. It is a sport which not only requires a statuesque appearance, but fast reflexes and lightning speed. As in a crisis, in basketball […]

Killer Wail

I’d like to start this week by providing a glowing endorsement of Tom Curtin. Tom is one of the industry’s leading thinkers on crisis communications, and regularly writes insightful thought provoking pieces on current events. Whilst the above statement may, or may not be true (endorsements always welcomed) it has […]

Dodgy & Gabbana?

A phrase that has become widely used on social media in recent years is this; “The opinions expressed are my own, and do not reflect the opinions of my company’. This phrase, or a variation on this, acts as a qualifier, to demonstrate a separation between personal and corporate opinions, and […]