Crisis Management Training Exercises

Curtin & Co has developed a number of highly dynamic and fully immersive crisis simulation exercises.

The exercises are fully interactive, and immerse participants in a ‘real world’ crisis scenario for a number of hours, during which they will often forget the exercise is ‘just a game’.

On the day of the exercise participants are divided into groups, presented with a scenario outlining a developing crisis, and given 20 minutes to formulate a response.

Before participants can react the phones start ringing, journalists and activists break into the building, social media spreads rumours and false information, and the national media runs the story at the top of the news.

Participants learn very quickly that in a crisis speed is of the essence, and if you are slow to react there are plenty of other people ready to attack.

Professional cameramen capture footage throughout the exercise, which is analysed and presented back to participants in an interactive follow up session.

Participants are then presented with a series of video case studies, demonstrating how the lessons learned during the training exercise can be applied to the real word, and how no company is too big to suffer a crisis.

Crisis Simulation from Curtin&Co on Vimeo.