Playing The Trump Card

When a suspected pandemic is picked up on, global agencies and national governments will move quickly to contain the spread. Airports will close, trade will be suspended and scary looking men in white bio-hazard suits will spray down visitors.

In a crisis, contagion can spread rapidly and has to be contained just as quickly as an infectious disease. If you’re associated with a group or individual who is causing controversy and could hurt your reputation, you have no option but to pull up the draw bridge to halt the spread.

Recently, Republican Presidential hopeful and owner of one of the finest heads of hair in the world, Donald Trump, has caused a fair bit of potentially hazardous controversy through his public statements.

Most recently, this included an assertion that former Republican Presidential nominee Senator John McCain was, contrary to popular consensus, not a war hero as he had had the temerity to have been taken prisoner during the Vietnam war.
Also last month Mr Trump angered a large part of the Hispanic community (an influential voting bloc) by claiming that, “Mexico are sending people that have lots of problems, and they are bringing those problems to us. They are bringing drugs, and bringing crime, and their rapists.”

These comments may have contributed to a surge in his polling among some groups in American society but they have also led to the likes of Univision, Televisa, Farouk Systems, NBCUniversal, Macy’s, NASCAR, Serta, ESPN, PGA, PVH, Jose Andreas, Perfumania and The FAA all publicly distancing themselves from the property tycoon.
NBC 2014 Ident.svg
Going around alienating both the Latin American and veteran communities in the United States is not the kind of publicity big brands want. Regardless of one’s political views, contagion like this must be contained swiftly, and these companies have moved fast to prevent the spread of the disease, and protect their own reputations.

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